The Netherlands is a popular study destination among international students. Recent statistics put the number of international students in Dutch universities at more than 115,000. Foreign students usually get out of their comfort zone to build a meaningful lifestyle during and after their studies in the Netherlands.

The country has a high standard of education in both public and private schools. Over 80% of adults in the Netherlands have completed secondary school and around a third have a university degree, which are both higher than the international average.

Many affordable universities in the Netherlands charge two different tuition fees: statutory fees and institutional fees. Statutory fees are cheaper and apply to Dutch, Swiss, Surinamese, and EU citizens, whereas institutional fees are for international students not from Europe.

With the country’s superior standard of education and relatively low cost of living, studying in the Netherlands will give international students true value for money.

The average tuition fee for a bachelor’s degree program in the Netherlands for non-EU students is €8000 per session, depending on the institution.

The benefits of studying in the Netherlands are numerous. Relocate to the Netherlands via the study pathway and explore 👇🏻👇🏻

🔸 An international and multicultural environment

🔸 English-taught programs

🔸 Amazing tourist locations in the cities

🔸 Innovative teaching methods

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